Lynda Sondles – Artist Statement

If I had to use only one word to describe my art, it would be color.

I love color. I love to make beautiful, colorful things – drawings, paintings, baskets, quilts. Color is the essence of my work. It defines, shapes, inspires, draws and pulls me into a timeless space of exploration and celebration of art, life, God and creation/creativity.

I want to create work that draws the viewer into an exploration of his or her own spiritual response to art.

I want people to see the hand of God in my work and be amazed – not at my work but at the hand of God.

I want people to see my work and be inspired to make their own art.
I want to celebrate and thank those who have mentored me in my artistic and spiritual journey.

I want to encourage those who may be fearful or shy about sharing their own artistic journey – as I was. Go for it! You only go around once.

I want to explore, in image and words, the source of creativity and the process of creating a work of art.

Come with me on this journey.


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