fabric components

Yesterday I committed to spending the entire day in the studio, no distractions, period. My goal was to make a small art quilt from start to finish, painting designs on a hand-dyed piece of fabric. As I was searching for fabric to use as a base for painting, I found a baggie of small painted and stamped pieces of fabric that I made several years ago in a Sherrill Kahn fabric stamping workshop. I always thought of them as practice, never “good enough” to be used on their own, never finished pieces in themselves, just something to pull out from time to time and admire.

copyright 2012 Lynda Sondles

So when I looked at them I had one of those “aha!” moments, and I realized that all this time they’d been components, waiting for me to see them that way and use them to make something beautiful. Ta-da!  And, I made my small art quilt and I had a blast!